Dr. Tania Mara Pinto Dabes Guimaraes

Graduated in Pharmacy-Biochemistry from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1979), Master in Biological Sciences (Microbiology) from UFMG (1985) and PhD in Biological Sciences (Parasitology) from UFMG (1995). Post-doctorate at the Institut Pasteur de Lille-France (Immunology of tuberculosis), during 2007.


Associate Professor and researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy at UFMG. She is a sub-coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Clinical and Toxicological Analysis and is accredited as permanent advisor, masters and doctoral levels. Has experience in the field of Pharmacy-Biochemistry, with emphasis on Clinical and Toxicological Analysis. Main research areas: Immunology of infectious diseases, such as Tuberculosis.