Discussion on the Concept of Immunity and How Human Body System Could Build Immunity against COVID 19 and It Relevance to Public Health Education

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Albert Opoku
Joana Owusu Danso
Olivia Nyarko Mensah
Nicholas Amoah Owusu
Prince Twene
Jefferson Asare Dankwa
Andrews Owusu


The aim of this article is to explain different types of immunity and discuss how the human body could build immunity against COVID 19. This would also serve as a guide for public health education on immunity in this era of COVID 19 pandemic.

Immunity, public health, COVID 19

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Opoku, A., Danso, J. O., Mensah, O. N., Owusu, N. A., Twene, P., Dankwa, J. A., & Owusu, A. (2020). Discussion on the Concept of Immunity and How Human Body System Could Build Immunity against COVID 19 and It Relevance to Public Health Education. Asian Journal of Immunology, 4(3), 1-5. Retrieved from https://journalaji.com/index.php/AJI/article/view/30134
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